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How To Dial Out to an International Participant (Business Conferencing)
In this topic: Dial out to include international participants and speakers in your US or international conference call.

Hosts have several options for dialing out to international participants during a conference call. Dialing out is an easy way to help new participants, provide a personal touch to high-profile participants, or assist those who are having trouble dialing in.

Note: Hosts must enable this feature. To do so, contact ConferSave Reservations at 877-444-8535. International dial-out may need to be enabled separately from domestic dial-out.

Once you have entered your host passcode and joined the conference, press *95 on the telephone keypad. You will be asked to enter your client ID to verify that you are the true host of the call. Follow the prompts to execute your dial-out.

Keep in mind that:

  • You will need to have your client ID to perform a dial-out using Star Controls.
  • International dial-out rates apply to your call. Rates may differ depending on recipient location.
  • You should always preface your international dial-out number with "011".
  • You must include the recipient country code.

If you do not know the country and city code that are needed to dial out to your international participants, you can find it by simply following these steps:

  • Use this free services to search for International Dialing Codes.
  • Select the location from which you are calling under Step 1.
  • Select the city you are going to call under Step 2.
  • Enter the phone number you are going to call under Step 3.
  • Click Show dialing codes.

You will be provided with the number to be dialed and information on how the number is composed.

Note: It may be more cost-effective to have international participants dial in using a local access number or one of more than 70 international toll-free (ITF) numbers.

Remember to press *0 if you can’t resolve your situation

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