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Getting Started with ConferWeb Conferencing for Web Meetings

In this topic: Use ConferWeb conferencing software.

ConferWeb is an easy-to-use, full-featured web conferencing service that is ideal for hosting conference calls, sharing presentations, collaborating on documents and recording web meetings.

When you set up a ConferWeb account, you’ll receive a Client ID and Web Password to log in to your account (see welcome materials or contact your company’s conferencing administrator for the web address). You also may receive an audio dial-in number and passcode to use in your ConferWeb web meetings.

Once logged into your ConferWeb site, you can:

  • Create and customize a ConferWeb meeting room, which is a web address where you can conduct all your web meetings without scheduling in advance
  • Install one time APP SHARE Download
  • Upload files, presentations and post-meeting surveys for use in a ConferWeb meeting
  • Send HTML invitations to invite attendees to a ConferWeb meeting
  • Access your ConferWeb meeting room and start a web meeting
  • View and download usage reporting of completed meetings
  • Access and download recordings of your meetings
  • Modify your profile and adjust account settings
  • Schedule a one-time ConferWeb meeting for a conference that is only available at a certain time and date
  • Join a meeting you scheduled
  • Join a public meeting hosted by another member of your ConferWeb site

In addition to managing all aspects of your ConferWeb service in your site, you can manage other conferencing services to which your company subscribes. You will find useful support resources under Help (in the top right of any page of the site), Getting Started (on the login page) and Quick Links (top left after you log into the site).

Once you create a ConferWeb meeting room and upload content such as Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, launch a web meeting by clicking the Start link next to “Web and Audio Meetings” under the Meet section on the logged in home page of your site. Alternatively, you may also enter the meeting room URL directly into your browser to access the room without first logging into the ConferWeb site. You will reach your room’s “Attend a Meeting page,” where you can join as the presenter by entering your Client ID and Web Password.

Hosting a ConferWeb Meeting Using a ConferWeb Meeting Room
To create a web meeting room and install AppShare download that is available for all your web meetings without scheduling in advance, simply follow these steps:

1. Log in to your ConferWeb site.
2. Under “My Meeting Accounts,” select Manage my web meeting rooms.
3. Click on the “Create New” link at the top of the pop up window.
4. Specify the following attributes for your room: conference title, room name (part of the resulting meeting room URL), access (public or private), attendee join options (restrictions for joining), a PO or cost allocation number, and the audio account to be linked to the meeting room. You may also set general web conference options, and specify whether you want to access some or all of your uploaded content from the room during meetings.
5. To install AppShare download, select START from your conferencing hub under the "Audio and Web" Meeting Section and select start at the bottom of the next screen.  Once your presentation screen has loaded, select "Share My Screen" then select "Download Installer" and follow the prompts.
6.Send invitations to attendees to notify them of the date, time and meeting URL to join your meeting. Under “My Meeting Accounts,” select Manage my web meeting rooms, then click on the link for the room to which you wish to invite attendees.
7. Select the link “Invite Attendees” to create and send your invitations.
8. Launch your meeting by entering your meeting room URL into a browser and choosing to join as the presenter on the “Attend a Meeting” page. Or, log in to your site, and click the Start link next to “Web and Audio Meetings” under the Meet section. Once in your meeting, follow the Getting Started tips for sharing content, inviting additional attendees and showing your webcam, a specific application or your desktop. 

Hosting a Scheduled ConferWeb Meeting
To schedule a one-time web meetings that is only available at a specific time on a specific date, select the Schedule link under “Web and Audio Meetings” in the Meet section of the home page of your site. On the schedule page, select the limited availability link and complete the information on the schedule page. For this type of meeting, you have the option to set up an online attendee registration to gather information from attendees prior to your meeting. You will find this feature in the “Advanced Options” section of the scheduling form. Other advanced options include the ability to achieve the following: 

  • Automatically send email invitations to attendees and presenters
  • Specify general web conference options
  • Upload and select content (such as Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and other files) you plan to use in the meeting
  • Create a post-conference evaluation form you can send to attendees

Once you save your scheduled meeting, you will receive an email confirmation with details for joining the meeting. If you misplace that email, you may log in to your company’s site. Locate your meeting in the list of “Today’s Public and Private Meetings.” Select the Present link to reach your web meeting.
Once in your meeting, follow the Getting Started tips to share content, invite additional attendees, and show your webcam, a specific application or your entire desktop during your web meetings.


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