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How To Upload Content to Your In-Progress ConferWeb Meeting for Online Conferencing
In this topic:Learn more about how you can upload content to your ConferWeb meeting after it has started.

If your ConferWeb online conferencing meeting is already in progress, you can still attach your content to the conference any time before the conference ends. Simply follow these steps:

1. Click the Content Library button from within your ConferWeb web conference.
2. Upload your presentation during the conference using the Upload Presentation link.

In addition, you can upload and attach content to your conference by following these steps:

1. Sign into your Meet site.
2. Locate the conference, click on the title of the conference, then click Edit
3. Select Presentation Options. This will allow you to add a presentation from your content library or add a new presentation.
4. Save the conference.

Once you have saved the conference, the presentation will be available within the live conference shortly.
Note: larger presentations may take longer to upload before they are available.

Additional Considerations:

  • The only content type supported for presentations is Microsoft® PowerPoint (.PPT)
  • Presentations larger than 128 MB will not load
  • If you would like to show a Microsoft Word document or other type of file in your conference, you will need to use the Application Share feature
  • If you would like to share content that is larger than 128 MB, you will need to use the Application Share feature
  • If you want to show your presentation immediately, you can use the Application Share feature to show the presentation if the file is on your computer

You also can make all content available to you and other hosts for every conference you have by default, if you are a Hub Group Administrator or a Hub Administrator, by following the steps below.
Note: Doing this will change the settings for every user on the site.

1. Sign into your Meet site.
2. Access the Administration page under Hub Management (you will see your site listed).
3. Click on the site’s Edit button.
4. On the “Edit Hub” page, select all of the options in the Content Options section of the page (Presentations, Polling Questions and Uploaded Files).
5. Save your changes.

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