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Resolve Problems with Joining a ConferWeb Meeting
In this topic:Steps to follow to resolve problems when logging into a ConferWeb meeting.

If you are unable to join a ConferWeb meeting, one of the following reasons could be the cause:

  • You are experiencing internet connectivity or bandwidth issues.
  • You tried to join at an incorrect time or date.
  • The meeting owner may have designated the conference as one that requires a web security code to join, which would have been chosen and provided by the meeting owner.
  • The meeting owner may have set up the conference with an option that only allows participants to join if the owner has already joined or if the owner approves your request to join.
  • The meeting owner may have cancelled the conference.
  • The meeting owner may have locked the conference, preventing anyone else from joining.
  • You may have mistyped the web address for the meeting.
  • Your computer may not have the required hardware or software configuration. View the ConferWeb minimum system requirements or run the ConferWeb system test to determine if you need to upgrade your system.
  • Your network may be preventing access for security reasons. Select the Help button and use the “Live Chat” option to contact an agent for assistance.

Solve Basic Connectivity Issues
In this topic:Determine causes of connectivity problems and reconnect to a call.

Basic connectivity issues include:

  • Fast busy or regular busy signals when dialing into a conference call
  • A carrier message heard when dialing into a conference call
  • Silence after initial conference call prompt or “Welcome” prompt
  • Silence after dialing your conference call number

For each of these issues, first check your dial-in number to ensure you are dialing correctly. If you are using the toll-free number and receiving a busy signal, try using the toll number. Likewise, if you are using the toll number, try using the toll-free number.

If you are still experiencing connectivity issues and you are a moderator, please contact our support agents at 877-444-8535 for assistance. They can help you get another conference set up on a different piece of equipment with different dial-in numbers.

If you are still experiencing connectivity issues and you are a participant, please contact our support agents at 877-444-8535 for assistance.

Troubleshooting Carrier Messages

Examples of carrier messages include “We cannot connect your call at this time” and “All circuits are busy.” Carrier messages are usually followed by a numeric or alphanumeric code, and most likely heard in a female voice. These are generated on the carrier path between your location and our equipment and usually signal a problem with switching equipment.

The numeric code at the end of a carrier message will help the carrier determine the location of the error. Please have this number ready before calling support agents.

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