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Getting Started with Automated Conferencing

Automated conferencing is reservationless audio conferencing service that accommodates up to 125 attendees. To use this service, you must set up an account. Once your account has been set up, you (as the host) will receive a dial-in number and unique passcode via email confirmation.

Setting up a meeting is easy. Simply follow these steps:

  • Select a meeting time.
  • Send out the dial-in number and passcode to all attendees.

Note: When you join the call as the host, you must use the Host code to ensure all features are enabled. Default features that are set include tone on entry and exit and an attendee count as participants join the call.

Download the Easy Reference Guide for a list of audio control codes for automated conferencing..

Additional Host Meeting Controls
*91 to hear a participant count
*92 to hear a roll call of participants
*93 to disconnect all participant lines
*94 to lock or unlock the meeting
*95 to dial out to participants
*96 to mute all participant lines
*97 to un-mute all participant lines
*21 to active breakout rooms
*22 to initiate recording
*31 to turn meeting security code on/off
*32 to record and enable a custom prompt

Automated Conferencing Features
Login to your account to utilize additional features, including:

  • Entry/Exit Tones
  • Attendee Count: shared with each participant when they join
  • Entry Options: silent, tone, announce name
  • Exit Options: silent, tone, announce name
  • Music on Hold until Host Joins: Meeting won’t start until the host joins with the host passcode
  • PO or Billing Reference Number and Override PO: allows for unique identifiers for each call to allow for billing
  • Validate Host with Client ID: prevents meetings from starting until the Host joins. Note: you must have music on hold enabled for this feature
  • Listen-Only Passcode: allows the host to provide a passcode where guests listen only (recommended for larger meetings)
  • End Meeting if Host Does Not Join: meeting will end in 7 minutes
  • PIN Capture: allows for hosts to provide pins for added security to enter the call

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