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Reservationless Conference Calls

Did you know that you can hold reservationless conference calls 24 hours a day 7 days a week? ConferSave reservationless conferencing is easy to use and convenient.

Solve Basic Connectivity Issues
In this topic:Determine causes of connectivity problems and reconnect to a call during reservationless conference calls or operator assisted conferences..

Basic connectivity issues include:

  • Fast busy or regular busy signals when dialing into a conference call
  • A carrier message heard when dialing into a conference call
  • Silence after initial conference call prompt or “Welcome” prompt
  • Silence after dialing your conference call number

For each of these issues, first check your dial-in number to ensure you are dialing correctly. If you are using the toll-free number and receiving a busy signal, try using the toll number. Likewise, if you are using the toll number, try using the toll-free number.

If you are still experiencing connectivity issues and you are a moderator, please contact our support agents at 877-444-8535 for assistance. They can help you get another conference set up on a different piece of equipment with different dial-in numbers.

If you are still experiencing connectivity issues and you are a participant, please contact our support agents at 877-444-8535 for assistance.


Troubleshooting Carrier Messages

Examples of carrier messages include “We cannot connect your call at this time” and “All circuits are busy.” Carrier messages are usually followed by a numeric or alphanumeric code, and most likely heard in a female voice. These are generated on the carrier path between your location and our equipment and usually signal a problem with switching equipment.

The numeric code at the end of a carrier message will help the carrier determine the location of the error. Please have this number ready before calling support agents.

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