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Teleconferencing Service FAQ

Do I have to schedule my call with you? 
No, your automated teleconferencing service codes are available to use at your discretion 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How many people can be on the conference?

How do I start a call?
Just send your invitees the participant passcode and toll free dial in number and tell them what date and time to call in.  You dial the same number using the moderator passcode and you’ll all be connected.

Does this work from any phone?
YES!  It doesn’t matter if you’re calling from home, your cell or your office, any phone that has a push button keypad can join or initiate a conference call.

I don’t want people to have a conference without me.
As long as nobody but you has your moderator code, all participants will remain on hold until you join the call.

Sometimes I need to record my calls.
Our simple star commands enable you to control your teleconference.  Recording and playback is as simple as hitting *22 on your telephone keypad.  See our “Support” page for more simple features to help you get the most of your conferencing experience.

I need to have two conference calls at once, can I do that with one set of codes? 
No, we recommend that you have us provide you with a set of codes for each person in your organization that may initiate a conference call, this will help you avoid conflict, identify the calls on your invoice and avoid scheduling problems.  There is no cost for additional moderators.

Sometimes I have a very sensitive call and may need an extra layer of security, do you have that?
Of course!  Using our unique star commands, a moderator can activate an additional security code at the beginning of their conference, participants will be prompted to enter in the security code and will not be allowed access without it.  See our “Support” Page for additional Star commands.

I have people from overseas, can they dial into your toll-free number?
No, toll free numbers are not usually available internationally.  Areas of Mexico and parts of Canada do have access to our toll –free system, however in most cases, international dialers should call the toll number listed on your reservation.  In the case of Canada and Mexico, we suggest you give them both toll and toll-free numbers for backup.

What if there are problems during the call?
In most instances the quality of our system is flawless, however, sometimes line quality can depend on the type of phone or quality of the phone line your caller is on.  If there is ever any problem while you are on a conference call, press *0 and an operator will come on the line and be able to identify and rectify your problem.

One of my participants forgot to call in, what can I do?
You, as moderator have the ability to dial out to missing participants within the United States with our easy * commands, please see our “Support” page for more information.  International dialing has to be turned on for your account.  Should you need the ability to dial internationally from your ConferSave account, please contact us.

Can you just dial everyone for us?
We can certainly provide you with 100% operator initiated services, just call us or fill out the dial out reservation on our “Support” page and email us.  For immediate needs; calls needing to take place within 1 hour, please CALL US!

Do you do other types of calls?
Yes!  We can help you with large calls involving earnings releases, employee meetings, product launches, etc.  You will be assigned a personal event manager who will walk you through the process easily and without worries.

I’ve never used web conferencing, is it easy?
Our ConferWeb product is incredibly user friendly and such a great tool to help you communicate all of your ideas to a small or large audience.

What can I use Web Conferencing for?
If you have several locations of your organization and you all need to collaborate on a document such as a product announcement, sales brochure, employee manual, etc.  Rather than setting up a central meeting place for all to travel to, taking up valuable resources, you can host your meeting virtually with a simple click of your mouse and everyone can collaborate from the convenience of their own office.

Is your translation service only available during calls?
NO!  We offer live translation as well as document translation.  We can translate your recorded conference or any of your marketing or internal documents to assist you in your global dissemination of information.

How much does it cost?
Each translation or transcription project is unique; please contact us for a price quote.

Speaking of cost, are you sure there are no additional fees?
Absolutely not!  Your invoice is straightforward, each line item will show you the date of the call, start time, moderator, number of connections and the total number of minutes used along with the cost.

What if I need more information on my invoice?
Every customer is different and we strive to provide our customers with personalized attention right down to the invoice, so if there is something you need, please never hesitate to contact us.

What other services do you provide?
Automated teleconferencing service, operator initiated conferencing, event calls, web conferences with video and all ancillary services such as recording for rebroadcast, recording file downloads or cds, transcriptions and translations.  We will handle all of your communication needs with personal service and guaranteed quality!


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