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How To Application Share in a ConferWeb Conference Call Service
In this topic:Learn how to use the AppShare feature in a ConferWeb web conference.

During the conference call service, the AppShare feature allows you to share and demonstrate software applications, or your entire computer desktop, with your participants during a live web conference. To access AppShare, simply follow these steps:

1. Click the AppShare button on the live conference call service toolbar.

Note: If you have not used the AppShare feature before, you will receive a pop-up window asking you to install the AppShare applet. This is a one-time installation; you will not have to install any more files unless the AppShare portion of the ConferWeb conference call service solution is upgraded at a later date. Click the Yes or Always button to install the AppShare applet. Clicking the Always button will install any updates automatically in the future without displaying the pop-up window.

2. The AppShare menu will open within the live web conference browser. The live conference toolbar and side menu are available during AppShare sessions. Once you access the AppShare screen, your our audience will see "Please wait for presenter to share an application." This message will remain until you share an application.

The following list describes the various sections and options of the AppShare screen:

  • The Display in High Color option allows you to enable high color mode for the shared application
  • The Hide Pop-up Windows option allows you to prevent application, status and other non-shared windows from appearing on top of the shared window
  • The Share in Full Screen option allows you to force a full screen view of the shared application for all attendees
  • The Refresh List button updates the list of available applications that appear in the window below these buttons
  • The Annotate button enables the AppShare Annotation option for the shared application
  • In the Click to Share section, there will be a list of applications on your computer available for sharing in your conference
  • The Stop Sharing button ends the sharing session temporarily and displays a "Please wait for presenter to share an application" message to attendees until the presenter does something else
  • The Grant Control button gives control of the shared application to the participant selected from the list below the button. Under the Grant Control section, you will see the list of participants in your conference
  • The Revoke and Revoke All buttons are used for removing AppShare control previously granted to an attendee

You can share any one of applications that are listed in the Click To Share section of the screen, or choose to share your entire desktop. Once shared, a Now Sharing icon will appear in the upper right-hand corner of the shared application, letting you know which application you are currently sharing and what your attendees are seeing. If you want to share only one program, select the application by clicking and selecting it from the list of applications. The selected application will open in front of your web conference window immediately. All meeting participants will be able to see the program in their web conferencing window and follow all of your actions within the specified application.
To share your entire computer desktop, including background, taskbar and desktop items, select Entire Desktop from the list of available applications.

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