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How To Hold a Private Subconference
In this topic:Hold a private subconference with select call participants during your audio teleconference.

A subconference allows you to hold a private discussion with select participants while the rest of your audio teleconference call participants wait. Subconferences are often used as “break-out rooms,” allowing teams of participants to discuss agenda items separately from the main audio teleconference group, and return when ready.

Note: If conference recording is enabled, audio from sub-conferences will not be recorded.

Hosts have two options for initiating subconferences during normal conference calls: star controls and Web Audio Controls.

Subconferencing Using Star Controls During Your Audio Teleconference

The call host can initiate a subconference from an in-progress audio teleconference call by dialing *21. The host is then prompted to enter a number from 1 through 9 for the first subconference “room.” The host is automatically joined to that room. Conference call participants can enter the room by pressing #, followed by the room number. It’s possible to have multiple subconferences occurring at the same time from the same conference call when using star controls.

The host may terminate the subconferences by pressing #0, which returns all subconference participants to the main conference. Subconference participants can press ## to rejoin the main conference at any time.

Subconferencing Using Web Audio Controls During Your Audio Conference

Subconferencing is even easier using Web Audio Controls. First, start a conference using Web Audio Controls, and allow participants to join the call. Click on the line that corresponds to the participant you would like to speak with privately, then click To Sub. The participant will be placed in subconference, and the participant name will be moved to the Subconference section of the Web Audio Controls interface.

You may move as many callers as you would like into your subconference. To return participants to the main conference, click subconference participant lines and click To Main.

Remember to press *0 if you can’t resolve your situation during your audio teleconference

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